Star Island photographer sets out for her 20th winter in solitude

Alexandra de Steiguer takes her remarkable landscapes over solitary winters spent as a caretaker in the rugged Isles of Shoals.

In ‘Provincetown,’ poet Mary Oliver recalls quiet fishing town

In this excerpt from “UPSTREAM,” a new collection of essays, poet Mary Oliver recalls the hardy men and women of Provincetown.

Big Freedia

Big Freedia’s bounce tour sweeps into town

Over four days in Boston, the leading ambassador of New Orleans bounce music will perform, sign her book, and talk to music students.

Books, poems, novels that could help explain what the heck is going on with this election

These tomes may shed light on how we got here and what may await in the next four years.

Latest Books headlines

Lyrical and exquisitely rendered book about a blind boy and the wind

“What Color Is the Wind?” may be the most vivid argument against eBooks, yet

Nobel academy member calls Bob Dylan’s silence ‘arrogant’

A member of the Swedish Academy that awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in literature to Dylan says his silence since receiving the honor is “impolite and arrogant.”

story behind the book | kate tuttle

Forging poetry from the raw materials of growing up black in America

“Counting Descent” is Clint Smith’s first volume of poetry; much of it focuses on his childhood.

by marni elyse katz globe correspondent

King of decoupage

Roslindale Village is John Derian’s one stop in New England

Chronicling the birth of guerrilla warfare in World War II

In “Rogue Heroes’’ Ben Macintyre recounts how a small group of men, fired with idealism, inspiration, and ingenuity, transformed sabotage into a deadly form of combat.

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A jilted husband investigates how his ex-wife suddenly became a famous novelist in China

in Ha Jin’s “The Boat Rocker,’’ Feng Danlin sets out to prove that his ex-wife is a liar and a terrible writer and to expose China’s literary and political scheme.

Glass models created by Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka of a sea anemone (top) and an Atlantic white-spotted octopus.

new england literary news | jan gardner

Harvard’s glass sea creatures, comics artists, and science behind cooking

Sixty of Harvard’s 430 models are featured in the new book “Sea Creatures in Glass: The Blaschka Marine Animals at Harvard”

A Dan Brown triple play

Tom Hanks returns for a third go-round as symbologist Robert Langdon.

Paul Simon in London in 2012.

book review

Behind the music of two 1960s icons: Paul Simon and Brian Wilson

The two new books shed light on a pair of rock icons whose music played as a soundtrack to the 1960s: Peter Ames Carlin’s “Homeward Bound: The Life of Paul Simon” and Brian Wilson’s “I Am Brian Wilson.”


Connoisseur of the grim who relishes reading time in woods

T.C. Boyle’s new novel is “The Terranauts,” his vision of a manmade Eden that might save the future, were it not for the foibles of human nature.

the discovery

Unearthing little-known stories of American women athletes

Molly Schiot’s devotion to telling the stories of superb female athletes has evolved into “Game Changers: The Unsung Heroines of Sports History.”


Greater Boston author readings Oct. 23-29

A weekly calendar of literary events and author readings.

Donald Trump spoke in Ohio on Thursday.

Trump’s memoirs, books explain origins of his attitude toward women

Donald Trump: a victim of unceasing sexual harassment and assault?

Author Nell Zink is an Anerican ex-pat living in Berlin.

Book Review

A funny, smart send-up of young lefties and old hippies

“Nicotine” centers on a woman, whose late boomer dad was a shaman, her assignment to prepare the family home for sale, and the anarchist squatters she finds there.

How does it feel? Nobel judges can’t reach Dylan

Five days after Bob Dylan was named the winner of the Nobel Prize in literature, no one knows how he feels about the prestigious award — not even the Nobel judges.

Nobel judges still haven’t reached Bob Dylan to talk to him about receiving the Nobel Prize.

Know how to reach Bob Dylan? The Nobel judges would like to talk to you

Five days after Dylan was named a Nobel laureate, the committee still hasn’t been able to reach him.

Men with intellectual challenges were exploited at an Iowa turkey plant for decades. They stayed in an old schoolhouse and earned $65 a month, plus room and board. Above: A Christmas party with the men in Atalissa, Iowa.

Shedding light on abuse, exploitation in Iowa

Dan Barry’s book shows how the intellectually challenged men, who worked at a turkey plant, were paid little and lived in poor housing.

Book review

Troubled teen runs off with teacher in page-turner about family bonds

Caroline Leavitt’s new novel, “Cruel Beautiful World,” draws the reader into a seductive story that ripples with an undercurrent of suspense.

Jennifer Weiner shares real pain and some Mean Girl snark in “Hungry Heart.”

book review

Jennifer Weiner’s memoir: funny, touching but with a splash of annoying

The writer is a paradox with an acid pen, which makes “Hungry Heart” a frustrating read.

Match Book

A librarian with eclectic tastes looks for more titles

On the hunt for Anglophile thrillers and perhaps some literary fiction debuts.

book review

Nicholas Sparks debuts 20th novel, ‘Two By Two’

Sparks has definitely mastered the art of love.

Bob Dylan in 2012.

Times ain’t a-changin? All-male Nobel lineup draws criticism

This year’s Nobel laureates became an all-male ensemble, something that’s not unusual in the 115-year-old history of the prestigious awards.


Greater Boston author readings Oct. 16-22

A weekly calendar of literary events and author readings.

A US Marine helped a young Cuban child off a refugee boat in Key West, Fla., in May of 1980.

book review

Cuban family escape on an odyssey to US and back years later

Sometimes, Derek Palacio seems to argue in his striking debut, “The Mortifications,’’ you can go home again.

Francine Prose

book review

Effervescent spoof of children’s theater floats up ideas about art and aging

Francine Prose has created a comic novel vastly more entertaining than the sad production of the children’s musical she so hilariously pillories.

book review

Mother’s suicide and her teen’s abortion leads to story of faith and failure

A young couple’s secret, and its eventual discovery, haunts Brit Bennett’s debut, “The Mothers,.’’

An Italian immigrant family on board a ferry from the docks to Ellis Island, New York. (Photo by Lewis W Hine/Getty Images)

America’s immigrant story about chasing a dream

Tyler Anbinder’s “City of Dreams: The 400-year Epic History of Immigrant New York’’ offers a chronicle of the ultimate American story.

Alli Webb

The One Thing

Major ‘blowout’ with Alli Webb at Sephora

The Drybar founder will sign books on Oct. 22.

An image of Shirley Jackson from “Shirley Jackson’s ‘The Lottery’: The Authorized Graphic Adaptation.”

New England Literary News | Jan Gardner

Books on Shirley Jackson, a podcast on writing and failure, and the antiquarian book fair

Dec. 14 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the author of “The Lottery,” and the literary world is taking note.

Books for reading and as objects to admire

Abstract artist Terry Winters reads a lot about art and artists.

The Story Behind the Book

Mark Greif could’ve just titled his book ‘Doubt’

Greif’s new essay collection, “Against Everything,” looks at topics from the tyranny of exercise culture to the strange case of Nadya Suleman, briefly famous as Octomom.

Tips from a celebrated nature photographer

Art Wolfe tells the stories behind some of his most stunning photographs.

From left: Katherine Waterston, Eddie Redmayne, Alison Sudol, and Dan Folger in a scene from

‘Fantastic Beasts’ grows to a five-film franchise

J.K. Rowling’s “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” set in the same world as the Harry Potter series, is going to be a pentalogy.

Bob Dylan performing during the Bluesfest music festival in 2011.

Dylan’s Nobel win is met with mixed response

A lot of people have weighed in on Bob Dylan’s new Nobel Prize for literature, from the president to Stephen King.

Bob Dylan in 2012.

commentary | from the archives

Dylan already has his millions — keep the Nobel Prize for underappreciated writers

American rock stars should not annex the tiny number of international prizes allocated for writers of literature.

Bob Dylan in 1984.

It’s impossible to limit Bob Dylan to 10. So here are 14 Dylan songs for your day.

In light of Bob Dylan being awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, let’s enjoy some of his music today.

This video explains why Bob Dylan is a great poet

Add a Nobel Prize to Bob Dylan’s long list of awards.

09todo - G for 4/9 - slug 09todo - Bob Dylan FILE - In this Jan. 12, 2012 file photo, Bob Dylan performs during the 17th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards in Los Angeles. The century-old American Academy of Arts and Letters on Monday, March 11, 2013 said that Dylan has become the first rock star to join the ranks of its artists, who include Philip Roth and Jasper Johns. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello, File) NYTCREDIT: Chris Pizzello/Associated Press 22americana -- 09ticketpop

In a surprise move, Bob Dylan awarded Nobel Prize

Dylan received the Nobel Prize in literature even though his work does not fit into the literary canons that the prize has traditionally recognized.

Book Review

‘Today Will Be Different’ comically mines gap between who we are and who we want to be

Maria Semple’s new novel traces a day in the life of a well-intentioned, middle-age New Yorker living in Seattle as she toils away on a graphic memoir.

Books in Brief

Kids killed by guns, one raised by a bank robber, and creator of ‘Dracula’

Capsule reviews of “Another Day in the Death of America’’; “Something in the Blood’’; and “Bandit’’

Klassen tries on a new hat with his desert tortoise tale

The silly and heartbreaking “We Found a Hat” stars a 10-gallon hat and the pair of overly considerate shifty-eyed turtles.

Professor Kenneth Greenberg (above) has devoted his career to studying US slavery and the rebellion led by Nat Turner, played by Nate Parker (left) in the new film “The Birth of a Nation.”

The Boston professor on trail of the real Nat Turner

Suffolk University’s Kenneth Greenberg has been fascinated by the slave rebellion leader.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker to launch her own book imprint

As editorial director of SJP for Hogarth, part of the Crown Publishing Group, Parker will publish three or four novels a year.

Anna Kendrick at the premiere of the film “Trolls” in London in September.


Actress Anna Kendrick is now an author

The “Pitch Perfect” star — and native of Portland, Maine — will be coming to Boston in November.

hot ticket

Antiquarian Book Fair celebrates milestone

Tuck into rare tomes and enjoy spontaneous poetry at the Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair.

the story behind the book

A cookbook for a Middle Eastern way of eating

Ana Sortun and Maura Kilpatrick’s new cookbook, “Soframiz,” takes its name from their cozy west Cambridge restaurant, Sofra.