Book Review

‘Small Victories’ by Anne Lamott

Lamott’s collection mixes sarcasm with emotional sincerity, astute observation with self-congratulation.

Book Review

‘There Was and There Was Not’ by Meline Toumani

Toumani, an Armenian-American born in Tehran, grapples with her people’s tragic history, as well as the “chokehold” she says it had on her identity.

Book review

// ‘Why Football Matters: My Education in the Game’ by Mark Edmundson

Edmundson’s book is in large part a defense of football, but he makes his case mostly from the side of playing rather than watching.

Book review

‘Empire of Sin,’ by Gary Krist and ‘Tinseltown’ by William J. Mann

Both of these books deploy the crime formula in radically different ways.

Book review

‘Encyclopedia of Trouble and Spaciousness’ by Rebecca Solnit

Solnit’s latest essay collection expands the scope of discourse about subjects as wide-ranging as climate change and the Mexican drug trade.

the discovery

‘Andy Warhol’ by Paul Maréchal

Warhol’s brilliant magazine covers are reproduced in “Andy Warhol: The Complete Commissioned Magazine Work.”

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Ursula Le Guin: she got there first

Le Guin’s books in the ’60s challenged the way we think not just of technology, but civilization.

new england literary news

// Photographic tribute to Boston

The hundreds of precious photos in “Dirty Old Boston” might still be tucked away if not for Jim Botticelli.

the story behind the book

// Historian Sarotte scales the wall with her story

The opening of the Berlin Wall stands at the heart of historian Sarotte’s fourth book, “The Collapse.”


Bookings: Greater Boston author readings Nov. 23-29

A full listing of events this week.

Holiday Arts Preview

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// Holiday Arts Preview

“Rudolph” lights up the stage, tiny feet learn “The Nutcracker,” plus 50 critics’ picks.

Fall Book Preview

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// What do you like to read?

In this fall’s stream of books there is something for everyone.

Recent reviews

Kirstin Downey.

Book review

‘Isabella: The Warrior Queen’ by Kirstin Downey

Downey’s new biography focuses on Isabella of Castile, the “warrior queen” who guided the Christian Reconquest of the Iberian peninsula and launched the Spanish Inquisition.

New England literary news

Seven books about...

seven books about . . .

Pilgrims, revisited

Katharine Whittemore offers capsule reviews of “Making Haste From Babylon,” “Mayflower,” “Manitou and Providence,” and more.