Tom Wolfe traces the often-amusing history of bickering over how humans started talking

This being Tom Wolfe, the ponderous debate over language and evolution takes on a kind of pop-art pizzazz in “The Kingdom of Speech.”

042532016 Boston Ma Paul M. English (cq) photographed for the Magazine Game Changers Series . He is photographed at his Boston Office's. Boston Globe/Staff Photographer Jonathan Wiggs

Globe Magazine

If you made $120 million, what would you do?

In an excerpt from Tracy Kidder’s forthcoming book, Internet entrepreneur Paul English decides how to spend a fortune.

What it takes to restore the puffin to Maine’s islands

A National Audubon Society project has restored these seabirds to islands off Maine. But could this good work be undone?

The “Trump Revealed” authors were aided by more than 20 reporters, three editors, and two fact checkers.

Book Review

New Trump biography offers complex look at man who would be president

“Trump Revealed’’ was written by two Washington Post journalists who spend a lot of time on Donald Trump’s business dealings.

Latest Books headlines

by Marni Katz | globe correspondent

Color me easy

Online painting service supplies everything you need, even the painter

the story behind the book

Debra Spark explores the mystery of marriage

“Unknown Caller” follows a long-married couple whose lives are disrupted by fallout from the husband’s first marriage.

book review

Please be seated: the history of chairs and what they say about us

For over 30 years, Witold Rybczynski has educated us about architecture and now turns to the subject of chairs.

four takes

The challenges of ocean exploration

Capsule reviews of “Fathoming the Ocean’’; “The Extreme Life of the Sea”; “The Wave’’; and “The World is Blue.’’

book review

Nathan Hill’s debut novel follows an abandoned son and a mother lost and found

Nathan Hill’s first novel, “The Nix,’’ is bursting at the seams with all that it wants to contain.

More Books headlines

A Frank Stella mural in an MIT conference room.

new england literary news

An art tour of MIT and new Belmont bookstore

A new guide to MIT provides a map and a brief history of a series of sculptures and other art by well-known artists.

the discovery

New graphic novel concludes trilogy on life of civil rights leader John Lewis

“March: Book Three’’ take readers to the passage of the Voting Rights Act.


Greater Boston author readings Aug. 28-Sept. 3

A weekly calendar of literary events and author appearances.


Ex-Faulkner fan who now swears by nonfiction

In his new book, “Yellowstone: A Journey Through America’s Wild Heart,” David Quammen explores the country’s first national park.

Top: Henri Matisse (left) and Pablo Picasso. Bottom: Willem de Kooning (left) and Jackson Pollock.

book reiview

The art world’s famous frenemies

In his lively and compelling new book, Globe art critic Sebastian Smee shows how the tension between famous painter friends influenced their work.

Dancers at the 2015 Boston Caribbean Carnival Parade

Things to Do

The Weekender: Beethoven, Sharon Jones, and the physics of love

Everything fun to do this weekend around Boston.

Short Stack

Back to school — from the building’s point of view

Nicole Lamy reviews Adam Rex and Christian Robinson’s “School’s First Day of School.”

Westborough, MA - 8/9/2016 - Dr. Nick Dodman, a retired pet psychologist, pets his dog Rusty in his home in Westborough, MA, August 9, 2016. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

First Person | Globe Magazine

The pet psychiatrist's ‘Aha’ moment

With a new book out about his work, Nicholas Dodman describes how he got into the field and why he treats more dogs than cats.

A history of artists, committed to steeping themselves in exotic locales and in otherness

The subjects of “The Glamour of Strangeness’’ were seekers, suffering from an existential kind of homelessness.

Luke Dittrich recalls grandfather’s role in lobotomy that yielded key insights, tragedy

A botched lobotomy left Henry Molaison with permanent damage but gave scientists clues into how memory works.


Greater Boston author readings Aug. 21-27

A weekly calendar of literary events and author appearances.

book review

The American Dream deferred in ‘Behold the Dreamers’

Imbolo Mbue follows the families of a Lehman Brothers executive and African immigrants trying to achieve the 21st-century American Dream.

A photograph from Don Krohn’s

new england literary news | jan gardner

Twain prize and books on Cape and filmmaking

Look at “On Cape Cod’’ by Don Krohn, “The Strategic Producer’’ by Federico Arditti Muchnik, and T.C. Boyle winning the first Mark Twain.

book review

Shattering memoir of an unlikely love story, a tragic drowning, and disorienting aftermath

Decca Aitkenhead’s “All At Sea,’’ is not for the faint of heart.

the story behind the book | kate tuttle

Psychologist on raising human beings

When solving a problem together, Ross Greene says, parents need to begin with empathy.


PhD thriller writer who loves true crime and sleazy Hollywood books

Megan Abbott has just published her eighth book, “You Will Know Me.’’

the discovery

Book helps you make your Ikea stuff your own

“Reinventing Ikea’’ offers instructions and lists of materials and tools for 70 customization projects.

Jessica Marie Palazzolo was cheered during the Fisherman’s Feast in 2012.

Things to Do

The Weekender: Arms-dealing bros and the Queen of Soul

Everything fun to do this weekend around Boston.

Anita Thompson, Hunter S. Thompson’s widow, pulled the trophy antlers out of her car trunk while returning them to the former home of writer Ernest Hemingway

The crazy story of how Hunter S. Thompson stole antlers from Ernest Hemingway’s home

And how they were just returned.


Book review

Richly drawn, darkly humorous characters inhabit grim thriller set in Ireland

Lisa McInerney’s debut, winner of the 2016 Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction, is set in dark edges of recession-weary Cork.

Amy Schumer.

Five questions answered in Amy Schumer’s revealing new book

Amy Schumer landed between $8 million and $10 million for her new collection of essays, ‘‘The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo,’’ released on Tuesday.

J.K Rowling has written three e-books that will be released on Sept. 6.

Rowling e-books about Hogwarts coming in September

“Harry Potter“ author J.K. Rowling has so much more to say about Hogwarts.

In her new book, Amy Schumer talks about how hard it was to tour promoting “Trainwreck.”

Amy Schumer’s terrible ‘Trainwreck’ press tour

In her new book, Schumer said “the slut-shaming was off the charts” while promoting her latest movie.

Books in Brief

Faking death and normalcy but loving chicken

Capsule reviews of “Playing Dead,’’ “One of These Things First,’’ and “Tastes Like Chicken’’

Match book: Adventuresome reader looking for authors who make their nonfiction hard to resist

Reader: Anonymous, Newton

book review

Ed Yong shows how we are all part of a system of microbes

The author of “I Contain Multitudes” nudges us toward an appreciation of how all species live in a world “smothered in” microbes.

Will Smith and Margot Robbie in “Suicide Squad.”


The Weekender: Bowie, Buress, and the Olympic Games

Everything fun to do this weekend in Boston and beyond.

Susan Faludi


Susan Faludi admits to a taste for dark humor of Eastern European literature

In her recently published memoir, “In the Darkroom” she tackles issues of identity, sexual, cultural, and familial. As she recounts in her book, Faludi got a phone call from her estranged father in 2004. He had become a woman.

book review

Eowyn Ivey’s saga unspools 19th century Alaskan military expedition and married couple

Pushing past conventional boundaries is the universal yearning that propels “The Bright Edge of the World.”

four takes

From political sop to No. 2 guy on top, changing role of vice president

Capsule review of “The American Vice Presidency’’; “The White House Vice Presidency’’; “Veeps’’; and “The American Vice Presidency”

book review

Nadja Spiegelman’s memoir explores fraught terrain of mothers and daughters

The daughter of Art Spiegelman and Françoise Mouly focuses on her French mother and grandmother.

the story behind the book

Essay collection celebrates Mount Auburn Cemetery as a place of life

Kim Nagy and John Harrison bonded over their love for the cemetery wildlife that resulted in an illustrated anthology.

New England Literary News

Photo show recalls Frederick Douglass and book details singer’s childhood abuse

Taking a look at “Picturing Frederick Douglass’’ and “Dirt Roads & Diner Pie’’

The discovery

A guide to getting your writing into shape

Following the rules — such as using active verbs and concrete nouns — is good advice for most of us.

Greater Boston author readings Aug. 14-20

A weekly calendar of literary events.

Alison Gopnik

Book review

Alison Gopnik urges it’s better to cultivate than control children

Psychologist argues against the idea that good parents can mold children into successful adults.

Dr. Nicholas Dodman

Dr. Nicholas Dodman talks about treating the whole pet, physically and psychologically

The recently retired Tufts University professor and Animal Behavior Clinic program director has treated patients with autism, epilepsy, and Tourette’s syndrome.

Book Review

Megan Abbott sets thriller in world of teen gymnasts

“You Know Me” follows chilling, frozen-hearted actions through a different side of sinister suburbia.

short stack

‘The Sound of Silence’ traces a boy’s listening tour of Tokyo

Katrina Goldsaito and Julia Kuo’s book provides meditative pleasures.

The One thing

Captioning childhood

A writer and photographer turn everyday moments into art

Victor Bevine read from “The Hooligan’s Return: A Memoir,” by Norman Mane, at Audible’s offices in Newark, N.J.

Interest in audiobooks and digital storytelling grows

The boom is the result of easier accessibility, lower pricing, and a wider embrace of digital audio storytelling.