Q&A with Megan Giller, author of ‘Bean to Bar Chocolate’

In her new book the writer profiles artisanal makers from across the country and includes recipes and tips for chocolate pairing.

US Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman (right) had a conversation with actress and singer-songwriter Cynthia Erivo during the Social Good Summit on Sunday.

A young poet from Harvard was just given another prestigious honor

Amanda Gorman, a Los Angeles native and Harvard sophomore, took the stage at the Library of Congress before the inaugural reading by Tracy K. Smith, the new US poet laureate.

Fall Arts preview

A guide to the best of what to see and do in Boston

A complete guide to movies, music, books, arts, theater, and family events in the Greater Boston area this season.

Springfield, MA - 2/8/2017 - Copies of the Merriam-Webster dictionary line shelves at the company's offices in Springfield, MA, February 8, 2017. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)

7 new Merriam-Webster definitions you should know

Merriam-Webster announced Monday the addition of 250 new words to its dictionary website. Word salad, anyone?

Latest Books headlines

Hillary Clinton book has sold more than 300,000 copies

The book’s hardcover sales of 168,000 was the highest opening for any nonfiction release in five years.

book review

A mathematician father and classicist son’s ‘Odyssey’

As a student the older man had an interest in classics generally and Latin in particular — his talents in his son’s area of expertise outstripping those of the son’s in math.

book review

A memoir of a dog, poignant, smart, and whimsical

If you’ve read Eileen Myles before, you know that her new book, “Afterglow: A Dog Memoir,” is surely not going to be “Marley & Me.”

the discovery

Tongue-twisting fun

“Runny Babbit Returns” features more poems and drawings from the late Shel Silverstein that will leave you smiling.

The One Thing

Make your house beautiful

A new book by the editor of America’s favorite interiors magazine offers tips.

Special section

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2015/08/27/BostonGlobe.com/Arts/Images/spotlight-S_09159_rgb.jpg The story behind the ‘Spotlight’ movie

A look at The Boston Globe’s coverage of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and the movie “Spotlight,” which is based on the stories and the reporters behind the investigation.

Most anticipated fall books


//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/09/06/BostonGlobe.com/Arts/Images/fallbooks_1440x600.jpg 19 must-read books for fall

This year brings big new biographies of Gorbachev, Grant, and FDR, pointed and personal political takes from Hillary Clinton and Ta-Nehisi Coates, and fiction from Jennifer Egan, Alice McDermott, James McBride, Louise Erdrich, and others.

Fall Arts Preview 2017

Fall Arts preview

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/09/07/BostonGlobe.com/Arts/Images/Fall%20arts%20home%20version%201-5253.jpg A guide to the best of what to see and do in Boston

A complete guide to movies, music, books, arts, theater, and family events in the Greater Boston area this season.

More Books headlines

book review

Adam, Eve, and the power of stories

Stephen Greenblatt, eminent Harvard professor and winner of both a Pulitzer and a National Book Award, tells the story of the First Couple.

the story behind the book | kate tuttle

History through the story of food

Laura Shapiro profiles Dorothy Wordsworth, Rosa Lewis, Eleanor Roosevelt, Eva Braun, Barbara Pym, and Helen Gurley Brown through their relationships with food, cooking, and eating.


Greater Boston author readings Sept. 17-23

A weekly calendar of literary events and author readings.

book review

Alice McDermott’s quiet tour de force of a young widow, her child, and the nuns who rally around both

Alice McDermott pieces together seemingly minor events, gradually unfolding characters and relationships across decades.


Nathan Englander’s new appreciation for children’s books

Since becoming a parent Nathan Englander has decided that children’s literature is a form a poetry

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

Tom Brady’s new book seeks to answer the question, ‘What would Tom Brady do?’

The new book by the New England Patriots’ star quarterback offers 295 pages’ worth of advice on how to become, well, Tom Bradyish.

Frank Bidart at his home in Cambridge.

At home in a world of words

Frank Bidart gathers his work and his thoughts after decades of accolades and poetry.

Hillary Clinton held up a copy of her new book,

Hundreds crowd into NYC bookstore as Hillary Clinton signs copies of her new memoir

Hundreds of people crowded into a bookstore on Tuesday to see Hillary Clinton as she promoted her new book on the day of its official release.

Hillary Rodham Clinton signs copies of her book

White House accuses Hillary Clinton of ‘reckless attacks’ in book

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Hillary Clinton ‘‘ran one of the most negative campaigns in history.’’

Hillary Clinton delivering her concession speech alongside her husband, Bill, and running mate, Tim Kaine, in November.

Excerpts from Hillary Clinton’s new book: ‘I felt I’d been shivved by then-FBI Director Jim Comey’

“For Trump, if everyone’s down in the mud with him, then he’s no dirtier than anyone else,” Clinton wrote in her campaign memoir, “What Happened.’’

book review

‘What Happened’? A better question might be: Why write it?

Just as she failed in the campaign to offer a single cogent vision, in her new book Hillary Clinton seems unclear on what she really wants to say.

Connections | Magazine

My motorcycle summer

We were middle-aged, but somehow everything felt new. A tale of love found and lost.

Jerry Ellis with a copy of the picture book about him featuring drawings by Mat Brown, who did the signs for Ellis’s Building #19 stores.

new england literary news | nina maclaughlin

Festivals celebrate books in Provincetown and Dickinson in Amherst

Provincetown’s robust literary energy will be on display this weekend as a number of writers will descend on the outer Cape for the second annual Provincetown Book Festival.

the story behind the book | kate tuttle

A super reader becomes a novel writer

Nancy Pearl has made a career out of advocating for other people’s books.

book review

Lost — and found — in Israel

Deeply philosophical, “Forest Dark’’ opens with a mystery, and a missing person.

book review

Yarn of single mom artist in upper-middle-class white suburb takes a jab at race, class in America

“Little Fires Everywhere,” Celeste Ng’s delectable and engrossing second novel, unfolds in flashback over not quite a year.

the discovery

Kaleidoscopic look at Japanese internment camps

Karen Tei Yamashita’s “Letters to Memory’’ is a patchwork of documents, photographs, and letters from the Yamashita family.


Greater Boston author readings Sept. 10-16

A weekly calendar of literary events and author readings.

My Instagram

Victor Miranda

The photos the 42-year-old law-firm clerk and Boston native posts to his account depict familiar elements of Boston in unconventional ways.


19 must-read books for fall

This year brings big new biographies of Gorbachev, Grant, and FDR, pointed and personal political takes from Hillary Clinton and Ta-Nehisi Coates, and fiction from Jennifer Egan, Alice McDermott, James McBride, Louise Erdrich, and others.

08/20/2017 CAMBRIDGE, MA Author Celeste Ng (cq) poses for a portrait in her home office in Cambridge. (Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe)

Q&A | Magazine

Best-selling novelist Celeste Ng tackles class in America with her second book

The Harvard grad talks class, race, hometowns, and Internet trolls as she gets ready for the debut of “Little Fires Everywhere.”

The death of Darlene Tiffany Moore and wrongful conviction of Shawn Drumgold inspired Dick Lehr (above) to write “Trell.”

Dick Lehr recalls an injustice for a YA audience

The veteran journalist is out this month with a young adult novel based on the Shawn Drumgold case.


Greater Boston author readings Sept. 3-9

A weekly calendar of literary events and author readings.

book review

Lively, if anguished, yarn follows young filmmaker and troubled, wealthy family from Obama to Trump

Salman Rushdie’s latest is part detective novel, part social commentary, part movie-inside-a-novel, part homage to “The Great Gatsby.’’

The One Thing

All dolled up, thanks to PaperMade’s ‘Paper Fashion’

Punch out, fold up, and be fabulous with paper versions of your favorite fashion icons.

book review

Minimalist masterpiece of a second wife’s obsessions with predecessor

“Sisters’’ conveys the inner life of a woman preoccupied with her husband’s first wife.

book review

New Yorker writer’s humblebrag memoir of coming-of-age in the city in ’80s

In “At the Stranger’s Gate,” New Yorker writer Adam Gopnik looks back to his move from Montreal to Manhattan with wife-to-be Martha Parker in the summer of 1980.

book review

A black addict and her children head off on Deep South road of secrets and sorrows

Jesmyn Ward’s novel is a furious brew with hints of Toni Morrison and Homer’s “The Odyssey.”

the story behind the book | kate tuttle

Inspired by novelists of another generation behaving badly

Alex Gilvarry drew on writers like Norman Mailer, Philip Roth, and John Updike as models for his main character.

the discovery

A childhood in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq

“Poppies of Iraq’’ offer a window into the culture and history of author Brigitte Findakly’s homeland.

There’s an all-girl remake of ‘Lord of the Flies’ in the works, and it’s already being mocked online

How would things have turned out for the kids depicted in “Lord of the Flies” if the stranded children were girls? Probably a lot better, according to Twitter.


Franklin Public Library prepares for closure, return to Main Street

The Franklin Public Library’s temporary location at 25 Kenwood Circle will close Saturday, Sept. 16, in preparation for its move back to its 118 Main St. location.

New England Literary News

Pequot museum expands book offerings

More than 500 new titles, curated by the museum’s scholars and experts, will be introduced to the shop.

T. S. Eliot on the porch of the wood-shingled home on Eastern Point his father built.

In Gloucester, T.S. Eliot finally comes home

The UK-based T.S. Eliot Foundation has turned the poet’s former summer home into a writers retreat

Dennis Lehane

Dennis Lehane takes the wheel of Stephen King’s ‘Mercedes’ and has a blast

In a Q&A, the Boston native explains how writing a novel and adapting someone else’s for TV are two very different animals.

A sign in favor of affirmative action held outside the Supreme Court in 2015.

Four Takes

Taking a closer look at the powder keg of affirmative action

Capsule reviews of “For Discrimination,’’ “The Pursuit of Fairness,’’ “Debating Affirmative Action,’’ and “Mismatch.’’

Claire Messud

Book Review

‘The Burning Girl’ a tragedy that resists becoming a cautionary tale

Claire Messud has said that she means her new novel to be “a children’s book for grown-ups,” and you can glimpse wisps of that intention in its pages.

Robin Coste Lewis


Coming to poetry in aftermath of injury

Robin Coste Lewis won the National Book Award for poetry in 2015 for her first collection, “Voyage of the Sable Venus.”

The Discovery

Earthy and lyrical harmonies of a woman’s life on the farm

Laressa Dickey’s arresting and radiant new collection, “Twang,” features poems of a place, rooted and rising out of Tennessee soil.

Michael Deibert


Greater Boston author readings Aug. 27- Sept. 2

A weekly calendar of literary events.

Melissa Febos

The story behind the book

Writing — and reading — for the ear

A girlhood obsession with words — their meanings, their sounds — was “the earliest symptom” she would grow up to become a writer, said Melissa Febos