Sizing up ‘Avengers’ midway through

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With the arrival of “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” it’s time, then, to issue midterm report cards for Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and friends.

Scenes (left and below) from Felix Moeller’s “Forbidden Films: The Hidden Legacy of Nazi Films.”

‘Forbidden Films’ looks at the dark side of the silver screen

Nazi propaganda documentary gets viewing at Jewish film fest.

MIT professor John Southard in “A Chance to Dress.”

doc talk

Films about Vietnam, cross-dressing

Rory Kennedy’s Academy Award-nominated documentary “Last Days in Vietnam,” Alice Bouvrie’s “A Chance to Dress.”


Agents for change

Ellen Gitelman, executive director of the Belmont World Film Festival, tends toward “stories that inspire or produce change.”

The band (from left): Billy Conway, Mark Sandman, and Dana Colley.


New film offers fresh take on beloved Boston band

Five years in the making, Mark Shuman’s new documentary, “Morphine: Journey of Dreams,” makes a case that the beloved Boston band is ripe for reappraisal.

Movie review

In ‘The Forger,’ Travolta makes crime into an art

John Travolta is out to steal a Monet from the Museum of Fine Arts.

Warner Brothers Pictures photos

Movie review

Crowe stars, directs brawny ‘The Water Diviner’

The big, brawny historical drama feels personal to its maker as both an artist and an Australian.

Movie review

‘24 Days’ recalls anti-Semitism in 2006 Paris

Alexandre Arcady’s adaptation of the book awkwardly connects the issue of rising anti-Semitism to the kidnapping of Ilan Halimi.

Movie review

‘The Age of Adaline’: Sweet (or too sweet)?

Blake Lively’s high-concept romantic drama plays like some Nicholas Sparks stab at the fantastical melancholy of “Benjamin Button.”

Movie review

‘5 to 7’ gets some of its timing right

The familiar story of the struggling young writer finding his kooky muse gets an overhaul in this romantic comedy.

Movie review

Some big problems for ‘Little Boy’

In a small town during World War II, the runty 7-year-old of the title employs faith and magic to bring his father back from the war.

Movie review

More schooling needed for ‘Adult Beginners’

As the title suggests, the sometimes clever but ultimately clichéd comedy could use some more lessons in what it means to be an adult.

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Top Pick

On disc, accidents will happen

But sometimes the thought of how it all went bad is so compellingly baffling, an exception has to be made. Which brings us to “Accidental Love.”

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Bring the kids, there’s a lot to do this spring.