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    Wolverine dresses up (at least briefly)

    Hugh Jackman in “The Wolverine.”
    Ben Rothstein
    Hugh Jackman in “The Wolverine.”

    Costume is an overlooked aspect of the superhero aesthetic. You can’t have a Caped Crusader without a cape, right? A superlook is as much a part of the package as superpowers. Capes, cowls, boots, belts, breastplates, clingy fabrics — hey, Thor’s hammer doubles as accessory and weapon. So while they may not want to admit it, these characters are as much clothes horses (in their musclebound way) as any size 2 supermodel traipsing down a catwalk.

    Well, no one would ever mistake Wolverine for a supermodel. Clothes may make the man, but they sure don’t make that man if he’s named Logan. The closest thing Wolverine has to a costume are those claws of his and, as played by Hugh Jackman, a set of abs easily mistaken for Himalayan foothills.

    Not so fast, though: “Logan” and “fashion” can now appear in the same sentence and not induce giggling. In “The Wolverine,” Jackman’s latest outing as the Marvel Comics character, there’s a sequence about a half hour into the movie where he’s wearing an actual, honest-to-GQ necktie. Yes, it’s true. The photos prove it.


    Now it’s also true that the reason he’s wearing a necktie is because he’s at a funeral — and rough-hewn though Wolverine may be, even he has to honor social convention, at least up to a point. Also, it’s a black tie worn with a black shirt, so if you don’t look closely you could miss it. Even if Wolverine is willing to go the neckwear route, he sure isn’t going to call attention to the fact. Color and camouflage can be even more important out of the wild than in it.


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