Behind the scenes, many careers rely on film tax credit

A soundstage at Red Sky Studios in Allston.

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Locals say the tax incentive has enabled them to build infrastructure and hire top talent, making them competitive with firms elsewhere.

A scene from the 2015 film H, directed by Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia.

IFFB still Boston’s premiere indie film fest

The Independent Film Festival of Boston has made it to the age of 13, and it’s looking stronger than ever.

Members of Kalabante troupe from “Circus Without Borders.”

Local docs at the IFFB

The Independent Film Festival Boston could also stand alone as an outstanding documentary film festival.


Linda Västrik’s favorite documentary films

“I love films with perspectives on reality we don’t see that often,” says Swedish documentarian Linda Västrik.

Allan Van Wert, a colonial militia reenactor, in “Divide in Concord.”

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Required viewing for Earth Day

Margaret Brown’s documentary “The Great Invisible” revisits the BP disaster of 2010, reminding us of the largest oil spill in history.

Two local men are the financial force behind ‘Adult Beginners’

The second release from Burn Later Productions — launched by Paul Bernon of Wellesley and Back Bay resident Sam Slater — follows a dramedy formula that worked well for Burn Later’s first film.

Movie Review

// Rapture in the ‘Clouds of Sils Maria’

The film offers tremendous performances by Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart.

Movie Review

Cyborg mind games in ‘Ex Machina’

“Ex Machina” is a sleek, provocative sci-fi drama that keeps threatening to step gently into horror.

Movie review

Documenting some monkeying around in Sri Lanka

“Monkey Kingdom” is the latest family-friendly documentary from Disneynature.

Movie Review

‘Secret Ocean’ dives in for a closer look

Jacques Cousteau’s son trains his cutting-edge submersible cameras on some of the humblest links in the food chain.

Movie review

‘Airplanes’ a flight of fancy

Airplanes are amazing. That’s the thrust of this IMAX short , which takes us on a willy-nilly travelogue to 18 countries.

Movie Review

‘True Story’ might not persuade you

A tale of true crime and false identities becomes a heavy-breathing drama that fails to convince.

Movie Review

A Mafia movie with a personality disorder

“The Mafia Kills Only in the Summer” ambitiously attempts to combine a comic coming-of-age tale with a grim indictment of the Sicilian Mafia.

Four stars go to...

// Four-star reviews by the Globe

Films given four-star reviews by Globe critics Ty Burr and Janice Page and the former Globe critic Wesley Morris since 2012.

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Bring the kids, there’s a lot to do this spring.