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Counting Crows, ‘Underwater Sunshine’

It’s possible that some Counting Crows fans will listen to “Underwater Sunshine” and simply think it is another strong collection of material from the Bay Area rockers. This is perhaps the best compliment that can be paid to the album, which finds the group covering some favorite songs and tying them together with its own rootsy flair. The covers they have chosen illuminate what they’ve learned from heroes ranging from the natural (Gram Parsons, Bob Dylan, Big Star) to the less obvious (Teenage Fanclub, Travis). Highs include the dreamy pop harmonies of Travis’s “Coming Around,” the seductive slither of Kasey Anderson’s “Like Teenage Gravity,” and the incongruously zippy “Hospital” from the pre-Counting Crows group Tender Mercies. SARAH RODMAN

ESSENTIAL “Like Teenage Gravity”

Counting Crows play the House of Blues April 25.