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John Pizzarelli, ‘Double Exposure’

John Pizzarelli, the tasteful guitarist and singer who unfortunately is best known for a Foxwoods commercial, has come up with something innovative for his latest album, “Double Exposure.” Most of the 13 songs are either jazz redos of rock songs or ­— get this — mashups of jazz and pop tunes. He sets the melody and lyrics of the Beatles’ “I Feel Fine” against the chords and horn punch of Lee Morgan’s classic, “The Sidewinder.” He uses the challenging chord changes of Billy Strayhorn’s “Lush Life” as the backdrop for Tom Waits’s “Drunk on the Moon.” He underpins Seals & Crofts’s “Diamond Girl” with the familiar chords from Miles Davis’s “So What.” He blends James Taylor’s “Traffic Jam” and Joe Henderson’s hard bop number “The Kicker” right into each other, so that the parts become inseparable. Shockingly, it all works — quite well. If you like Pizzarelli, you’ll enjoy this immensely. If, however, you find his voice too thin and nasally, then “Double Exposure” won't win you over. (Out Tuesday)

ESSENTIAL “I Feel Fine/Sidewinder”

Pizzarelli performs at Scullers on May 17.