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Simian Mobile Disco, ‘Unpatterns’

It’s only taken four albums of wandering, but Simian Mobile Disco seems to have found itself in a good place. The UK-based production/remix team has been a notable presence in EDM since its 2007 debut, “Attack Decay Sustain Release,” but that album’s pop leanings and youthful energy have steadily matured into something more polished and cohesive, first on 2010’s “Delicacies” and continued now on “Unpatterns.” James-es Shaw and Ford have developed a better feel for the gas pedal, and the album revels in exploring darker tones as much as it does pushing through a straight dance floor jam. The opener, “I Waited for You,” finds the perfect balance, letting the beat slowly expand over the breathy, chanted vocals. “Seraphim” is an equally seductive and hypnotic cut. Even when Shaw and Ford seem eager to show off their beat science skills on “Interference,” they manage to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Most importantly, SMD sounds like it’s found a handle on its sound. The team may stick around there for a while. (Out Tuesday)

ESSENTIAL “I Waited for You”