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    The Cribs, ‘In the Belly of the Brazen Bull’

    It sounds counterintuitive, but having one superlatively great song on your album can be a drawback, particularly when it’s one as instantly engaging as “Come On, Be a No-One,” from the UK trio the Cribs’ fifth album. In comparison to that hook-riddled snotty pop-punk gem, the rest of the songs here are less user-friendly, at least at first blush. “Jaded Youth” and “Glitters Like Gold” traffic in similar pint-fisted shout-along territory, but the balance of the record takes some patience before the well-crafted songwriting emerges from beneath a haze of disheveled nonchalance and overdriven feedback. The UK indie stars have long been criminally overlooked Stateside, but the recent ’90s resurgence on rock radio could possibly find them in better stead, with a guitar attack, bassline leads, and scuffed-around-the-edges pop sensibilities that call to mind the Pixies or Weezer at their messiest. (Out Tuesday)

    Luke O'Neil

    ESSENTIAL “Come On, Be a No-One”