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Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, ‘Apocalyptic Love’

Myles Kennedy plays David Coverdale to Slash’s Jimmy Page on “Apocalyptic Love,” the second studio “solo” album from the top-hatted guitar hero. Just as Coverdale-Page was a Led Zeppelin doppelganger, this pairing of Kennedy and Slash bears unmistakable resemblance to Guns N’ Roses. Kennedy, from Alter Bridge, has the sort of pinched, perturbed tone Axl Rose blended with Slash’s guitar work when the two were in GN’R. Not many could slip a smoky blues-rock solo into a galloping punk-ish tune, but Slash pulls it off on “One Last Thrill.” “Anastasia” moves from a classical arrangement to a gale-force rock tune. “Apocalyptic Love” airs Slash’s sleazy gutter blues, grandiose solos, and scrappy riffing. But he and Kennedy rely on formula rather than chemistry and yield some thin songs tucked into the record’s second half. (Out Tuesday)

ESSENTIAL “No More Heroes”

Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators will perform Aug. 2 at the House of Blues.