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Hot Chip, ‘In Our Heads’

One of Hot Chip’s earliest singles was “Over and Over,” and it was easy to imagine that the band would make good on the title, pumping out a string of electronic dance-pop songs that differed from one another only in the order and pitch of the bumps and bloops. Fifth album “In Our Heads” features its share of cerebral hip-shakers — “Don’t Deny Your Heart” would be an ideal vehicle for Erasure’s Andy Bell — but the group has enough other moves to keep things varied. “These Chains” and “Let Me Be Him” feature low, almost insensate Röyksopp-style vocals (positioned, in the latter case, against a track with the shoot-for-the-stars glow of M83). A backbone of lightly fluttering electric guitar helps “Look at Where We Are” simmer like slow-jam R&B, while it takes little more than a female voice joining in for “Always Been Your Love” to be jolting. But it’s the rubbery synth-funk of “Night and Day” that puts Hot Chip’s best foot forward. It sounds an awful lot like an updated “Over and Over.” (Out now) MARC HIRSH

ESSENTIAL “Night and Day”

Hot Chip plays the House of Blues on July 17.