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Los Straitjackets, ‘Jet Set’

Instrumental rock demands as much imagination as it does raw chops; both qualities brim on Los Straitjackets “Jet Set.” Here, the twin-guitar, bass, and drum combo creates little sonic vignettes that stretch from the cop noire of “Crime Scene” to the punks-in-a-garage mayhem of “Pop Rocks & Coke.” Danny Amis is back after two years off, and his tangles with fellow guitarist Eddie Angel keep the action interesting across 15 songs. Most tunes sound wildly original, while others seem intentionally evocative. The jittery “Space Mosquito” resembles the fleet riffing of “Flight of the Bumblebee,” then detours into the realm of cartoon music. Similarly, the band summons the surf classic “Wipe Out” on “Bobsleddin’ ” before rightfully pushing the melody into a barreling cascade. “Mr. Pink,” “Brooklyn Slide,” and the title track are the sorts of vivid compositions and genre mash-ups that have kept Los Straitjackets contenders since 1994. (Out Tuesday)


"Walking Down 3rd Street"