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Ty Segall, ‘Twins’

In April, Ty Segall grooved with collaborator White Fence. In June, he charged at the front of the Ty Segall Band. On “Twins,” the San Francisco garage-rocker’s third full-length release this year, Segall wants to strut. The record is technically the follow-up to his previous solo effort, 2011’s “Goodbye Bread,” which was celebrated for showing off the punk’s singer-songwriter side. “Twins” expands that interest in songcraft without shaking off remnants of his other 2012 endeavors. Segall still can pump out strung-out, high-speed bangers (“You’re the Doctor”). But he also veers into glam-rock territory, flaunting his falsetto in “Would You Be My Love,” then throwing that falsetto over a Stooges-esque plod in “Love Fuzz.” Segall’s hooks have often evoked the Beatles, but lead single “The Hill” takes a different page out of the Fab Four’s book by recalling the psychedelic sweep of “Tomorrow Never Knows.” In exciting displays of versatility throughout the album, Segall grimes it up then unplugs, freaks out then holds back, wails then moans — all in utter confidence. This has been a big year for Ty Segall, and he’s earned his swagger. (Out Tuesday)



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