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Big Dipper, ‘Big Dipper Crashes on the Platinum Planet’

Come up with a springy guitar-pop tune about a girl who doesn’t know she’s beautiful in 2012 and you’ve got a global boy-band sensation. Do the same thing in 1985 and you’re doomed to cult obscurity. Such was the fate of Big Dipper, who called it quits seven years after their power-pop gem “She’s Fetching.” “Big Dipper Crashes on the Platinum Planet,” the Boston band’s first album since 1990, opens promisingly with “Lord Scrumptious,” a catchy blast of weirdness about a world-devouring god wracked with insecurity that features unhinged riffing and a delightfully cockeyed chorus. Later, “Pitbull Cruiser, Blue” rolls on super-tight rhythm guitars with a stereo separation that throws the listener neatly off-balance. But most tracks sound too D.I.Y.-dinky to matter, with minimal dynamic variation and components that sound disconnected not just from each other — that’s often the point — but from the songs themselves. Still, while Big Dipper may crash on “Platinum Planet,” the wreckage offers a few scraps worth salvaging. (Out now)

ESSENTIAL “Lord Scrumptious”