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Big Boi, ‘Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors’

It’s been six years since Outkast was at the movie-making, soundtrack-peddling height of its pop culture powers, and since then the break-up-to-make-up buzz has been incessant. Meanwhile, Big Boi seems settled into the single life. The release of “Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors” puts Big Boi two albums deep into a sneakily solid solo career. With a completely unique blend of indie-influenced space funk (“Apple of My Eye”), always-inspired rhymes (“The Thickets”), and occasionally unexpected crooning (“Descending”), “Vicious Lies” is very much an Outkast record. Andre 3000 is absent, but the album doesn’t lack for it. Big Boi reaches across genres for collaborations with everyone from Southern rap monuments T.I. and Ludacris to indie-pop darlings Phantogram and Little Dragon, to “it” newbie A$AP Rocky. With “Vicious Lies,” Big Boi goes a long way in carving out an individual identity while still waving the Outkast flag. (Out Tuesday)


Essential: “Shoes for Running”