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Ruby Ridge, ‘Intent’

Intent EP by Ruby Ridge.
Intent EP by Ruby Ridge.


Intent EP

The crossover between the current electronic dance music culture and British post-punk bands of the ’80s has been well documented; the Boston husband and wife duo of John and Callan Von Bittrich make that connection explicit on their third EP released this year as Ruby Ridge.

Songs like “The Cold Preserves Us” from the prior EP of the same name, and “Norquist on the Rack” play like clattering Joy Division tracks slowed down to half-speed. “Duality is at the heart of it,” John Von Bittrich says of the sound. “Even the name Ruby Ridge was picked because it is an aesthetically pleasant and pretty phrase with a dark and paranoid connotation.” Early releases from the band found them leaning more toward the rock side of that balance, but these four new tracks represent a more synthesized style without sacrificing the calculated mess. “Don't Turn Around” is a bewitching graft of creeping vocals on top of an incongruous tempo, while “Intent” stands out with its sparkling ambient twinkles of light misting over a dark bass. “Annie Christian” is an industrial post-punk track that incorporates bits of all the aforementioned styles. The transitions occasionally jumble, but that’s probably the point.


Available now at Ruby Ridge performs at T.T. the Bear’s on Jan. 13.