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Cry Guy, ‘Tears of Whatever’


Tears of Whatever

The first release from tape label Blood Oath Slumber Party, this cassette/digital EP is the product of a collaboration between Boston musicians Virginia de las Pozas and Cameron Potter. Potter, who also records under the name Little Spoon, handled most of the lo-fi but crisply unfolding production here, made with an Akai XR20 drum machine and MIDI synths, before sending them off to de las Pozas to lay down the vocal takes. It’s a minimal approach that yields divergent but substantive results. “Nike, Goddess of Victory” has a zen-like hypnotic quality, with chant-like vocals, while “Sexcess” has a more electro-romance aesthetic. “Whateverer” wades out into the washed-out, sun-bleached territory with hesitant, clippy percussion that undercuts the swooning vocals. “Every story has a moral and an ending,” de las Pozas intones in increasingly more assertive repetitions. “Gumdrop Wishes” pushes further out into the ether, with manipulated vocals that echo like ghostly transmissions. It’s a good start from the duo, who just completed a first tour and have a follow-up LP in the works; bedroom pop that expands the horizons of the four walls.


Cry Guy will perform at Zuzu on May 13. Hear “Tears of Whatever” at