Iggy and the Stooges, ‘Ready to Die’

The recording reunion of singer Iggy Pop and guitarist James Williamson on “Ready to Die” is more rough effort, less “Raw Power.” Flying once again under the Iggy and the Stooges flag (Scott Asheton on drums, Mike Watt on bass, and Steve Mackay on sax), Williamson sounds exultant balancing tone and chaos with the sort of glam-punk swagger that inspired countless other careers in the wake of the Stooges’ 1974 collapse. Pop is in a tougher spot, (wisely) unwilling to replicate his “Raw Power” mind-set but not so sure where to train his focus. Loneliness and alienation weigh on Pop as he goes for a low-end croon on “Unfriendly World,” “Beat That Guy,” and, especially, “The Departed,” which references “Raw Power” track “Death Trip” amid bleak musing. Elsewhere, a raging Pop welds the abstract images of “Burn” and “Dirty Deal” to Williamson’s caterwauling. Pop’s humor brims on “Jobs” and tanks on “DD’s.” The music is patently dirty and rough, but Pop’s subdued moments sound more solo career than Stooge. (Out Tuesday)


Essential “Burn”