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Notoriety, ‘Well Rested’



The newest tape from Brockton rap duo Notoriety (Vydle Sinez and Incredible Chuck), “Well Rested” finds the group assembling an EP exclusively produced by GxWay. The consistency he provides behind the boards helps provide the foundation for this solid collection of new tracks. “MI-6” is a bright opener, led by brassy horns, tribal drums, and sampled Busta Rhymes ad-libs percolating in the background as Vydle and Chuck pepper their verses with clever punch lines (“I deaded the old me, ain’t that ‘Looper’?”). “Afternoon Program” strikes a more somber tone with its mournful saxophone loop helping Vydle paint a picture of sudden violence exploding on the street outside his home, while “Could It Be” strikes a tone of romantic optimism via sweeping, soulful strings. “Well, Well” strips things back down to basics, pairing the two MCs with a simple beat box instrumental and daring them to outdo each other. If Notoriety can sort out their nagging problem of the occasional weak choruses that feel incongruous with the rest of the song, as on “17-26-47,” then future releases (hopefully with GxWay in tow) should improve upon this promising EP.

Martín Caballero

Essential “Well, Well”

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