Zomby, ‘With Love’

A heap of 33 dissimilar tracks clocking in at around two minutes each could risk coming off as fractured or unfinished. And in a way, London producer Zomby’s third album does feel like a spill of partial realizations. But the fractured blur of “With Love” — which over two discs rushes between the dancefloors and darker hallways of three decades — feels more like a reconstitution of his own musical memory. “It’s Time” would have sounded at home on the blissful slab that was Zomby’s 2008 debut “Where Where You in ’92?”; “Pray for Me” could be a cut from a mid-90’s So-Cal hip-hop mixtape, blown-out bass and all; the frenetic “amen break” coiling and lashing from the center of “Overdose” never stumbles into kitsch; and “I Saw Golden Light” sounds like a love letter to Aphex Twin or early-aughts Autechre, until its booty bass breaks down the door. Even the recurring airhorn sounds beautifully forlorn, estranged from its party context. Hopping from house nods to drum-and-bass winks and into spells of bottomlessly deep garage and bass, “With Love” isn’t so much a trip down memory lane. It’s more like a really wild shortcut. (Out Tuesday) MICHAEL ANDOR BRODEUR



Michael Andor Brodeur is assistant arts editor at the Globe. He can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @MBrodeur.