If Hanson can brew beer, what can other acts make?

When Hanson plays the House of Blues on Saturday, we’re wondering if they’ll get the bartenders to serve up their new band beer, “Mmmhops”?

We are not kidding. Hanson has a beer, and it’s called Mmmhops. But the men of Hanson aren’t the only musicians who have lent their name to a quirky product over the years. Many artists have made it possible to shop for a wide variety of items from the mundane (perfume and hot sauce) to the wacky (handcuffs and sex toys). See if you can tell the real goods from the fake ones:

  • Daft Punk “Get Lucky” condoms

    Harder, better, faster, stronger . . . and, most importantly, not pregnant.

  • Katy Perry’s Kitty Purry cat treats

    Tasty morsels guaranteed to make your cat roar.

    This is an explanation.
  • Justin Bieber “One Less Lonely Girl” nail polish

    Scientists still working on formula for Justin Bieber remover.

  • Kiss Kaskets

    Your final resting place is going to look so badass — now about your embalmer’s makeup skills. . .

  • Lady Gaga’s Monster mashed potatoes

    They’re on the edge of gravy.

  • Weezer Snuggies

    If you want to destroy your sweater, try this. You’ll look just like Buddy Holly — if Buddy Holly had ever worn a Snuggie.

  • Rihanna-brella

    Now that it’s raining more than ever, you’ll be glad you have one. Fits two!

  • Carlos by Carlos Santana

    These heels will get you higher. All the black magic women are wearing them.

  • The Elvis Presley Home Bedding Collection

    Sleep like the King!

  • The White Stripes teeth-whitening strips

    Perfect if the scene in your mouth recalls dead leaves and the dirty ground.

  • Janelle Monáe’s Tightrope Lady-Tux

    Whether you’re high or low, this foxy look is sure to put a spring in your step.

  • Iron Maiden’s Trooper, Premium British Beer

    It’s why Eddie the Head has such a headache.

  • Justin Timberlake’s SexyBack brace

    N’jured? Rock your body in one of these. (Fits under any suit and tie.)

  • One Direction compass

    Perhaps in addition to not knowing you’re beautiful, you don’t realize which way is north. Let the guys of 1D give you your bearings.

  • Caduceus Cellars (Maynard James Keenan of Tool)

    Why can’t we not be sober? Because this stuff has a seriously enchanting terroir.

Sarah Rodman, James Reed, and Michael Andor Brodeur