Jack Johnson, ‘From Here to Now to You’

Pop’s patron saint of chill stays true to his ingratiating acoustic music on his sixth record. Johnson doesn’t seem interested in stretching his sound with these 10 short songs. He continues to deliver enough melodic flair to support his earnest reflections on life’s little epiphanies. Songs like “I Got You,” with its simplistic sentiments (“I got you/ I got everything”), or “Never Fade” shouldn’t work, yet Johnson’s charm somehow makes them go down smoothly. He reconnects with producer Mario Caldato Jr., who helped guide 2005’s solid “In Between Dreams.” These songs have more dimension, as the best track, “Radiate,” has a funky gait while “Tape Deck” swings delightfully. He still can come across as overly precious (“You Remind Me of You”) and his worldview may not be for everyone, but you either take Johnson on his terms or not at all. (Out Tuesday)


Jack Johnson performs at the Life is Good Festival in Canton on Sept. 22.