Lindi Ortega, ‘Tin Star’

Chad Batka for The New York Times/file

Lindi Ortega is back with a new full-length almost exactly a year after her last one, “Cigarettes and Truckstops.” She made it with an entirely different supporting lineup and a new producer too — a change motivated by her desire to bring “a new spirit and new ideas” to every release. The names may have changed, but the sound is much the same: predominantly, rockabilly-fueled country (the spooky reverb and railroad beat of the great kiss-off song, “Hard As This,” the sex-kitten ’billy of “I Want You”) and twangy balladry (the forlorn “Something for You” and the sweetly macabre — yes, Ortega somehow manages to combine the two — “Lived and Died Alone,” which starts as a typical song about searching for love until it takes a turn to digging up the dead to be sweethearts). What is different is a proclivity for autobiography; no fewer than four songs here concern the singer and her chosen vocation (including the title song, which casts her as a “tin star” among the shining stars of Nashville). They
aren’t bad songs, but “Tin Star” is more interesting when Ortega turns her lyrical glance elsewhere. (Out Tuesday)

Stuart Munro


Ortega plays at the Red Room at Cafe 939 on Oct. 22.

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