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Arc Iris, ‘Arc Iris’

Jocie Adams made her name as a longtime member of the Low Anthem, an acclaimed indie-folk ensemble out of Providence. She left the lineup last year in order to, in her words, “spread my wings,” a mission she masters with the majestic sweep and grandeur of her latest project. The songs on “Arc Iris,” her new band’s self-titled debut, are too fierce, too fleet-footed, to pin down to a single genre. Adams sounds liberated, as if unleashing years of pent-up desires and wild dreams and funneling them into a kamikaze pop record. Doo-wop and ’70s soul collide on “Ditch”; a torchy playfulness courses through “Singing So Sweetly”; and at 6½ minutes, “Canadian Cowboy” brims with whimsy and an orchestral sway and swell that recalls prime Harry Nilsson. “Arc Iris” puts Adams through the paces, as a composer of mercurial melodies, a nimble singer, and a force to be reckoned with. (Out now)


ESSENTIAL “Canadian Cowboy”

Arc Iris performs at the Sinclair on April 28.

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