Movie Review

The elephant in the room

In “Water for Elephants,” Pattinson and Witherspoon are beautiful, but they — and the movie — lack a spark.

Movie Review

‘Scream’ returns, and (surprise!) people are dying

When “Scream 3’’ arrived in 2000, Bill Clinton was still in the White House, most cellphones could make only calls, reality television was a novelty, and Lady Gaga was just some girl named Stefani from the Upper West Side.

Prince of New York arrives at the Met

The late director Sidney Lumet had a feel for the place and its people.

Fast forward

Why a movie about car thieves is the most progressive force in American cinema.

movie review

Meaning of Life

In Malick’s latest, the vision is lovely but not easy to understand.

Movie Review

Another ‘Mission,’ another workout

Cruise ramps up the intensity in “Ghost Protocol.”

Movie Review

Everyday romance done right

The romance between two gay strangers in “Weekend” is both a movie about sex and love and a movie about sex and love in other movies. Either way: wow.

For better or worse, he tamed technology

Steve Jobs knew that computers were bulky and hernia-inducing and Darth Vader black. He understood the value of declarative design. He was the Ernest Hemingway of technology.

Movie Review

Very fast forward

Exhilarating “Drive” delivers brutal violence without breaking a sweat.

movie review

Race, class, and Hollywood gloss

It’s possible both to like this movie and wonder why we need a dramatic comedy about black maids in Jackson, Miss., and the white housewives they work for.

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