Donald Trump to host 'Saturday Night Live'

Donald Trump will host “Saturday Night Live” in November.

Charlie Neibergall/AP

NBC said the Republican presidential candidate and former ‘‘Celebrity Apprentice’’ host will be the headliner of the Nov. 7 show.

Rachel Bloom marches to a tune in “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”

Television Review

CW’s ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ could be a winner

A show about a lawyer — a plucky, drama queen heroine — who runs into her hunky summer fling from drama camp a decade ago is delightfully bonkers.

Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons in FX’s second season of  “Fargo.”

Buzzsaw | Matthew Gilbert

‘Fargo’ returns with superb second season

The second season of “Fargo” premieres Monday at 10 p.m. on FX, and it is a triumph.

The ticket: Television

A look at the upcoming week in programming including “Fargo” on FX and “Breaking Band” on AXS TV.

Game On

‘SOMA’ may be among best video games ever

It does not depend on high-tech, incendiary ordnance, but SOMA blew me away with its complex, thoughtful storyline and well-crafted design and graphics.

Television review

‘Last Kingdom’: England is coming

“The Last Kingdom,” BBC America’s enjoyable new epic drama, will be compared to HBO “Game of Thrones.”


‘Red Oaks’: Likable and unambitious

Amazon releases a 1985-set coming-of-age comedy series with hints of “Caddyshack,” “Dirty Dancing,” and a few John Hughes movies.

// Boehner will no longer appear on ‘Jimmy Fallon’

John Boehner and Jimmy Fallon will not be sharing the late-night stage tonight after all.

Television review

Grins and gimmicks on the sidewalks of NY

Two shows, “Billy on the Street” and “Middle of the Night Show,” mine New York for comedy.

// Jimmy Fallon tags Jay Leno in for monologue

How do we know the ugly late-night wars are really over? Last night, Leno grabbed the “Tonight Show” monologue from Fallon.

Television REview

Getting ‘Casual’ about love

Hulu’s “Casual” is a wise, amusing, and poignant comedy about personal growth and the fears and freedoms brought on by change.

// Michaela Watkins loving minutiae of ‘Casual’

“It’s because of where television is now that I get to be the lead of a show,” the Wellesley High and Boston University grad said.


// ‘The Affair,’ in stages

The drama returns on Sunday night and, once again, it’s making promises of greatness.

Game On

// ‘Swindle’ video game offers plenty of fun without full payoff

“The Swindle,” a side-scrolling, stealth-oriented action/adventure video game, has an excellent concept and visuals, yet it doesn’t quite cohere.

// TV Confessions: CNN’s John King

Originally from Dorchester, John King is CNN’s chief national correspondent and anchor of Inside Politics.

Television review

// Trevor Noah is at ease in his ‘Daily Show’ debut

Noah made it through the half-hour behind the anchor desk with no stumbles and a sense of easy charm.

// ‘Boston Fish Guys’ make a splash on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Michael Bergin and Jason Foster recorded the now-viral, obscenity-laced reaction to encountering a sunfish in Boston Harbor.

Special section

// The story behind the ‘Spotlight’ movie

A look at The Boston Globe’s coverage of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and the movie “Spotlight,” which is based on the stories and the reporters behind the investigation.

What's on TV

// Critic’s Corner: What’s on TV Wednesday

“Casual” on Hulu is a new dark comedy series from director-producer Jason Reitman (of the movies “Juno” and “Up in the Air”) and is really enjoyable.