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    (Starz) Guided by Julia Roberts, we’re transported to the Wellesley of a half-century ago for a message that no longer needs mongering: Hey girls, marriage is not all there is. Despite its needless lessons, Mike Newell’s movie is fiercely performed — Kirsten Dunst, Julia Stiles, and Maggie Gyllenhaal are some of the students — and usually entertaining. Hands down, the weirdest commercial film of 2003. (PG-13; runs through Aug. 16)

    Wesley Morris


    (Comcast Movies) A horror movie in which Elizabeth Olsen does a lot of hiding under tables and shivering in corners. Something is chasing her from room to room — teasingly, so it stretches to an hour and a half. What/who is after her is more traumatic than it appears, but in a deadeningly cerebral way. This is the first horror movie to feel like an assignment for a women’s studies class. (R; runs through Nov. 24)

    Wesley Morris


    (Starz) Karen Moncrieff’s provocative and unnerving debut film follows the relationship between a lonely, isolated teenage girl (Agnes Bruckner) and her writing teacher (David Strathairn) as they progress from poetry discussions into deeper and clammier waters. “Car” is absorbing drama when it’s not trying too hard, and it also might serve for a bent but worthy mother/daughter bonding night. (R; runs through 2013)

    Ty Burr