TV chat: ‘Louie,’ ‘Nashville,’ ‘Dexter’

Louis C.K. will take a break (until 2014) to come up with new episodes for his FX series, “Louie.”
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Louis C.K. will take a break (until 2014) to come up with new episodes for his FX series, “Louie.”

Globe TV critic Matthew Gilbert chatted with readers last Thursday on Here are excerpts.

Q. As much as it disappoints me, I applaud FX and Louis C.K. in the announcement that new episodes of “Louie” won’t arrive until 2014.

A. I agree. Let him take his time, just as Larry David does with “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” One nice thing about cable is that its financial model is less limited by seasons and quantity of episodes. I love “Louie,” but I could see C.K. getting low on material by the end of the last season. Good for him for fighting for more time to dig deep.

Q. I loved “Nashville.” You?


A. I really have high hopes for it. But I had high hopes for “Smash,” too. And “Glee.” And both have disappointed. So I’m wary, too.

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Q. I think “Dexter” has improved. It opens a whole new story line for the writers with Deb now in the know.

Hayden Panettiere and Charles Esten in “Nashville.”

A. I agree — so far. But I worry about missing a central tension in the show. The danger that Deb would find out used to hover apocalyptically. Now, the threat is gone, as B.B. King might say. The kills have gotten boring — worse, completely illogical. Dexter does them so carelessly and impulsively now. Kill rooms just happen to be available.

Q. Dexter seems out of control. Weird since he now has a kid, which I thought would have brought balance to his life.

A. Harrison has just disappeared while Dexter has stayed at Deb’s. It’s so poorly done. Are the writers trying to erase the fact that they gave Dexter a kid? In the way they got rid of his stepchildren?


Q. I want to know what mobile phone carrier Brody on “Homeland” is using. Texting halfway across the world in three seconds is pretty good

A. I love it! So right. It was a tense moment, but you have to close off certain brain passages while watching the show.

Q. “Boardwalk Empire” has lost it.

A. Since that certain character died, the show has been weakened. The writers have been focusing more on Nucky and his dark side — which I think has gotten darker because he feels so guilty about having killed that certain character. But still, the show is missing story arc. All of the booze running stuff is kind of tedious and repetitive. I want more Richard Harrow and Chalky White.

Q. Funny, I thought the last episode of “Boardwalk Empire” was the best episode yet. The Capone stuff was great.


A. Yes, some of the individual episodes are excellent. The whole Nucky-in-the-basement thing was dynamite, with a bitter zinger. But I want a build across a season, or if not a build then some kind of evolving theme. Sometimes, the show seems to spin its wheels with all the bootlegging stuff and the mobster negotiations.

Q. How do you feel about “The Mindy Project”? I like it.

A. I like it – ish. I think it needs to develop more. At this point, I wish Mindy weren’t so intensely focused on finding a man. That theme is a little overdone.

Q. Last week’s “New Girl” was probably the worst episode ever.

A. That’s a show that got overpraised last season. There have been some good episodes, the roommate chemistry has its moments, and Schmidt can be a lot of fun. But the writing is nothing special, and the Jess character still feels vague to me.

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