On Demand movie highlights


(Cinemax on Comcast) From Todd Phillips, the man who brought us ‘‘The Hangover,’’ comes a rather pat, occasionally desperate road comedy with Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis. The most interesting thing about the film is how deluded it is. This is a comedy of misunderstanding. No one, including us, can quite put a finger on what’s really happening. (R; runs through Nov. 8)

Wesley Morris


(Comcast Free Movies) An Irish transvestite (Cillian Murphy) embarks on a picaresque journey to find his long-lost mother. Neil Jordan’s film is set at the dawn of glam rock and during the second phase of the Troubles. The costumes are vivid and the movie has loopy comic flair, but Murphy is stuck playing the same twee note in a story that never seems to end. With Liam Neeson and Brendan Gleeson. (R; runs through Nov. 13)

Wesley Morris


(Starz on Comcast) Julianne Moore stars as a grieving mother confronted with the fact that her dead son may never have existed. It won’t get any respect, but this beautifully crafted lulu from director Joseph Ruben (”The Stepfather”) is a grade-A B-movie that carefully, believably leads an audience to accept the completely unacceptable. (PG-13; runs through Nov. 14)

Ty Burr