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    On Demand movie highlights


    (Cinemax on Comcast) A found-footage superhero movie about three high schoolers who videotape the aftermath of their encounter with a glowing space-rock. Pieces of this are downright brilliant, but the filmmakers can’t decide whether they’re making fun of the genre or just going overboard with it. Paging John Hughes or Gus Van Sant. (PG-13; runs through Jan. 31)

    Ty Burr


    (Starz on Comcast) Sharon Stone and Dennis Quaid are city mice who relocate their family to an old farmhouse in upstate New York, where psycho-jailbird previous owner Stephen Dorff shows up to spike their “This Old House” fantasy. Director Mike Figgis has crafted a disquieting and often very funny examination of yuppie unease in the country, but he’s made the mistake of disguising it as a dopey suspense thriller. (R; runs through Feb. 7)

    Ty Burr


    (Comcast Free Movies) Intelligent but murky and slow-moving attempt to put character into the thriller. Idealistic New York cop Harrison Ford unwittingly shelters fugitive Irish terrorist Brad Pitt, whose attempt to get his hands on a shipment of missiles is downplayed as he’s transformed into a romantic hero. (R; runs through Feb. 22)