On Demand movie highlights


(Encore on Comcast) A romantic comedy with an adult sensibility, directed by Bruce McCulloch of the comic ensemble Kids in the Hall. Luke Wilson and Natasha Henstridge are the lead couple, Janeane Garofalo and McCulloch the perfect couple who may not be so perfect. Everybody sees the same canine shrink, and doggie behavior is the catalyst for the all too human behavior that keeps the plot in engaging motion. (R; runs through May 3)


(Encore on Comcast) An action film with some singularly slick visuals. Antonio Banderas fills the requisite hero role as a guitar-strumming musician who hits a dusty Mexican town with vengeance on his mind. Most important to the director, it seems, is the choreography of shootout scenes; unfortunately, there is little else worth noting. (R; runs through May 17)


(Comcast Free Movies) A pungent, entertainingly devious neo-noir film that plays like a leaner, meaner “Body Heat.” A Florida homicide cop played by Ed Harris gets involved with the victimized wife (Madeleine Stowe) of a nasty banker who turns up dead. (R; runs through Aug. 1)