On Demand movie highlights


(HBO on Comcast) A hell-for-leather action film with a healthy serving of scares. Badman Daniel Craig (terrific) and cattle baron Harrison Ford (engagingly cranky) are two of the Old West types confronting nasty E.T.’s on the open plains. What the movie lacks in originality and authenticity it makes up for in pell-mell multiplex entertainment. With Sam Rockwell and Olivia Wilde. (PG-13; runs through April 22)

Ty Burr


(HBO on Comcast) A stunt that keeps delivering snarky laughs longer than it has any right to. Jon Heder plays the title teen, an Idaho misfit whose nerdiness has achieved cosmic proportions, while director Jared Hess aims for a spot between Todd Solondz, Wes Anderson, and an MTV skit. The attitude of this Sundance hit remains high — and it wouldn’t hurt if the audience was, too. (PG; runs through April 22)

Ty Burr


(HBO on Comcast) A sweet little baseball fantasy, with Thomas Ian Nicholas as a 12-year-old whose broken arm heals in a way that enables him to throw 100-mile-an-hour fastballs. Next stop, the majors. It’s always fun to see Wrigley Field, and who can root against the Cubs? Besides, Amy Morton (as the phenom’s single mom) and Gary Busey (as the veteran hurler who takes Nicholas under his aging wing) deliver first-division supporting performances. (PG; runs through April 22)