On Demand movie highlights


(Showtime on Comcast) The Jack Abramoff story, courtesy of star Kevin Spacey and the late director George Hickenlooper. The movie is glib, fast-paced entertainment that barely leaves a mark — which, given the subject, is not quite right. Costarring Barry Pepper and the great Jon Lovitz as a sleazeball who gets attacked with a ballpoint pen. (R; runs through April 16)

Ty Burr


(HBO on Comcast) A bouncy mix of live action and animation featuring superstar Michael Jordan, who gets recruited by Bugs Bunny and his Looney Tunes basketball team to help defeat five bad-news aliens determined to enslave Bugs and the gang in a seedy intergalactic theme park. Jordan delivers a performance of warmth, charm, and disarming ease — and Bugs shows off his hip-hop skills. (PG; runs through April 22)


(Encore on Comcast) This adaption of Annie Proulx’s popular novel, directed by Lasse Hallström, is sensitive, with much to admire. Kevin Spacey is terrific as Quoyle, the shy, devastated victim of spousal abuse who crawls back to his dark family origins in Newfoundland with his young daughter, and puts his life back together. Terrific, too, is Julianne Moore, as Wavey Prowse, the local woman who gives him hope. (R; runs through May 31)