On Demand movie highlights


(Comcast Free Movies) This Joel Silver action thriller gets an extra half-star for the most satisfying Steven Seagal moment yet in the movies. Kurt Russell, as an intelligence operative specializing in the Middle East, accompanies a squad of commandos as they sneak aboard a 747 that has been hijacked by terrorists with enough firepower to waste much of the Eastern seaboard. (R; runs through June 30)

Betsy Sherman


(Comcast Free Movies) A slick, proficient, yet curiously uninvolving retooling of the 1973 “Day of the Jackal.” This one’s a duet between bad terrorist Bruce Willis, methodically setting up the assassination of a high-ranking American, and good terrorist Richard Gere, sprung from prison by the FBI to stop him. The best thing in the film is Diane Venora’s Russian militia liaison. She grabs us with a Ninotchka number as the rest of the film tries to transfix us with the foreplay of death. (R; runs through June 30)