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    TV chat: There’s no right time for ‘24’ resurrection

    Kiefer Sutherland plays Jack Bauer in “24.’’
    Anthony Mandler/FOX
    Kiefer Sutherland plays Jack Bauer in “24.’’

    Globe TV critic Matthew Gilbert chatted with readers Thursday on Here are excerpts.

    Q. Any thoughts on the return of “24” next year?

    A. Yes, and they’re all negative. The show ran out of material, after too many years on the air. Leave it be. I feel like a Debbie Downer when I get all “leave old shows alone.” But what can I say? I really believe it’s a mistake, creatively, to go back and revive something that died an honest death. I really feel that way about “Sex and the City.” I loved that show, but after the awful movies I don’t even want to remember the good old days.

    Q. Any new shows you’re looking forward to?


    A. I am looking forward to a few. Saw the pilot for the new J.J. Abrams show, “Almost Human,” and felt twinges of excitement. Also, the new sitcom with Adam Samberg called “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Really promising. Andre Braugher is in it, and he’s funny, too. Those are fall shows. Later this summer, AMC is premiering “Low Winter Sun,” which could be cool. And FX has the Mexico border drama “The Bridge” in July.

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    Q. What is “Low Winter Sun”?

    A. It’s a new AMC drama based on a British miniseries. It’s set in Detroit, and it revolves around the murder of a cop by a cop. Bottom line: It’s AMC, and at this point that’s a strong recommendation in itself.

    Q. How is “Nurse Jackie” considered a comedy?

    A. I hear you. Even Edie Falco said it wasn’t a comedy when she accepted her Emmy for the show a few years back. This current season, however, has had more overt comedy than before, especially with the supporting characters. I once wrote a piece about the new half-hour drama genre and called it “grimedy.” Nope, the phrase didn’t catch on!


    Q. That was a crazy ending to “Game of Thrones,” no?

    A. The penultimate episode was mind-blowing, for sure. That red wedding — wow. HBO likes to do that — have a big whoop in the second-to-last episode, then wind things down and set up the next season in the season finale.

    Q. “Rectify” ended with a cliffhanger. Will it be back?

    A. Yes, the compelling “Rectify” on Sundance Channel will be back with 10 episodes.

    Q. Is “Ripper Street” on BBC America coming back?


    A. Yes, it will be back next year. I enjoyed that series. Matthew Macfadyen is a great lead. He carries lots of moral weight without being sanctimonious or perfect.

    Q. Do you like “Veep”?

    A. Yeah, I’ve fallen hard for “Veep” this year. The first season was funny but less focused. The jokes didn’t land. This season, bam, I’m laughing out loud. The writers and the cast seem to have embraced the

    farcical elements with more confidence.

    Q. It’s great to see Julia Louis-Dreyfus re-create herself. No other “Seinfeld” actor has been able to do it.

    A. I agree. She is remarkable. She has now had three hits with three very different — and yet somehow similar — characters.

    Q. I think this season of “Mad Men” has been dull, with exceptions. You?

    A. I’ve been enjoying it, for the most part. It doesn’t feel as though there has been a lot of forward momentum. But there have been a lot of psychologically interesting twists. To wit: the big scene last week. It was a great turn of events, because what happened to Sally is what happened to Don as a child, too. Felt like the season was building to that moment.

    Q. Who is Bob Benson and are Don and Peggy going to end up hooking up?

    A. No on the latter! I can’t imagine Don and Peggy hooking up. To me, they are parallel characters, not really meant to intersect in that way. More like brother and sister. The Bob Benson scene with the knee-bumping did not work for me at all. He would know that was a mistake. He seems to want to take advantage of Pete, but still, I don’t think he would have risked that knee tap — especially after Pete had just referred to Manolo as a “degenerate.”

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