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(Comcast Movie Collections: All New Movies) In the weeks following his reelection, Abraham Lincoln (a remarkable Daniel Day-Lewis) fights to get the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery passed. A terrifically entertaining film that, against all odds, makes politics exciting again. Steven Spielberg is in top form, Tony Kushner’s script is full of crackling talk (and lots of it), and there are scene-stealing turns from Tommy Lee Jones, Sally Field, and James Spader. (PG-13; runs through Aug. 11)

Ty Burr


(HBO on Comcast) Anna Kendrick stars in this college singing-group comedy in which the throwaway lines are so many and so expertly deployed that you basically spend the whole movie digging through the trash. But the scenes of crassness, broadness, and projectile vomit point to the exasperating possibility that the movies have learned the wrong lesson from “Bridesmaids.” With Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson. (PG-13; runs through Aug. 26)

Wesley Morris


(Comcast Free Movies) Slight but likable story about a girl, appealingly played by Anna Chlumsky, coming to terms with the death of someone close to her. Macaulay Culkin, in a secondary role as the girl’s awkward pal, is winning, as are Jamie Lee Curtis and Dan Aykroyd, as supportive adults. (PG; runs through Aug. 15)