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    On Demand movie highlights

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    (Comcast Free Movies) Hugh Jackman muscles his way through this prequel, all $10 gazillion and 107 minutes of it. As the title implies, we’re presented with the early years of the X-Men’s most volatile mutant. If only the moviemaking were as steroidal as some of the bodies. (PG-13; runs through Sept. 30)

    Wesley Morris

    X-Men: The Last Stand

    (Comcast Free Movies) The future of mutant-kind is under siege again. This time the American government is backing an antidote to the mutant species. Professor X (Patrick Stewart) wants to negotiate, but his old friend Magneto (Ian McKellen) wants a war. This third installment of the series is fat with ideas and emotionally scarred characters, some of whom, boldly, don’t make it to the closing credits. (PG-13; runs through Sept. 30)

    Wesley Morris

    Step Up Revolution

    (Showtime on Comcast) The flash mobs in “Step Up Revolution” aren’t the typical choreographed dance moves in the “Step Up” series. Dance group “The Mob” is trying to go viral and win a YouTube competition. When a developer threatens to buy their community in Miami, “The Mob” uses flash dances as a form of protest. The developer vs. innocent community plot has been done before, but never has a protest been so fun to watch. (PG-13; runs through Sept. 27)