On Demand movie highlights


(Comcast Movie Collections: Just In) Glittering nonsense. James McAvoy gets conked on the head during an auction-house robbery and wakes up with no memory of where he put the stolen painting, so sadistic gang leader (Vincent Cassel) hires a hypnotherapist (Rosario Dawson). Over-directed by Danny Boyle, it’s what you might get if a post-doctoral student put a heist movie in a Cuisinart. (R; runs through Oct. 21)

Ty Burr

When Harry Met Sally½

(Encore on Comcast) Appealing energies battle with labored comedy as Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan dance around romance over an 11-year period, mostly in Manhattan. (R; runs through Oct. 24)


(Encore on Comcast) Barry Levinson’s revenge epic skirts the clichés of the genre with superb ensemble acting and something approaching tragic grandeur. Four boys from Hell’s Kitchen grow into vengeful men after boyhood beatings and rapes by brutal reform-school guards. This was the first movie to feature both Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman: De Niro as a sympathetic priest, Hoffman as a fumbling lawyer who suddenly rediscovers his skills during a murder trial. Brad Pitt and Jason Patric are standouts as the boys grown into troubled men. (R; runs through Oct. 26)