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    TV chat: ‘How I Met’ a very long weekend

    “How I Met Your Mother” castmates (from left) Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders, Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, and Alyson Hannigan
    “How I Met Your Mother” castmates (from left) Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders, Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, and Alyson Hannigan

    Globe TV critic Matthew Gilbert chatted with readers Thursday on Here are excerpts.

    Q. Your thoughts on the fact that the entire final season of “How I Met Your Mother” will cover only the wedding weekend?

    A. Any time a show tries something that’s a bit experimental — think “Community” — I get a little excited. And “How I Met Your Mother” has always played with time, so I can imagine those writers turning one weekend into a time-jumping extravaganza. Very Proustian. Or should I say tres Proustian?

    Q. Any new Netflix series in the works, since their recent releases have been so successful?


    A. I know that “Orange Is the New Black” and “House of Cards” will be back for second seasons. There’s a Marco Polo series in the works, as well as a series about drug lord Pablo Escobar. Ricky Gervais’s “Derek,” which already aired in the UK, is also going to “air” on Netflix, beginning on Sept. 12.

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    Q. “Dexter” is really limping home. I have to see it through, but they should have called it quits after the Trinity Killer.

    A. I agree in a big way. The show has reached self-parody, I’m sorry to say. The voice-over is out of control! And Deb’s arc? Ridiculous. I want Deb to get Dexter on the table, tape him up, and plunge an ice pick into his heart. Woops, did I say that out loud?

    Q. I want to say some good things about “Dexter.” I loved the idea of a typical family of serial killers, the Zack character really was good, and I love Hannah.

    A. You are a good person Dave, unlike we snarky heathens.


    Q. “The Shield” or “Breaking Bad” — which is better?

    A. “Breaking Bad,” no question in my mind. “The Shield” was raw and powerful, but it didn’t have the same rich formal elements of “Breaking Bad,” whose camerawork and sound and costuming are awesome. And the “Breaking Bad” scripts are the tightest I’ve encountered in a long time.

    Q. What do you think of “Vikings” on History channel?

    A. “Vikings” is one of the highest rated new scripted dramas on cable this year, and, creatively, it’s really strong.

    It’s an action-filled show, but it’s also got a lot of pagan religious themes and some good acting from Travis Fimmel. It will be back for a second season, by the way.


    Q. Any good fall shows coming?

    A. Not a lot that’s worth raving about, sad to say, at least based on the pilots. But “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” on Fox is really promising. It’s a cop sitcom with Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher. Loved it.

    Q. Have reality competition shows like “Survivor” and “American Idol” lost their appeal?

    A. They still attract decent-size audiences, but not nearly what they drew in their previous seasons. I want to say that we’re moving on from reality contests, but I know better. Some producer will come up with a new twist on the formula, like “The Voice,” and the phenomenon will be back on with a vengeance.

    Q. Do you know when PBS’s “Sherlock” is coming back?

    A. No dates have been announced yet.

    Q. Any truth to the rumor that Miley Cyrus will be in an upcoming episode of “Ray Donovan” twerking for Jon Voight?

    A. Yes, it’s true. After she does a “Furry” episode on “CSI.”

    Matthew Gilbert can be reached at Follow him on Twitter MatthewGilbert.