On Demand movie highlights

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints ½

(Comcast Movie Collections: Just In) Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara play a Depression-era outlaw couple; Ben Foster is the sad-eyed deputy who loves Mara. Writer-director David Lowery has made a precise, often staggeringly beautiful emulation of the ’70s work of Robert Altman and Terrence Malick, specifically the former’s “Thieves Like Us” (1974) and the latter’s “Days of Heaven” (1978). But the characters are too ordinary to care for deeply and the story doesn’t add up to much. (unrated; runs through Nov. 14)

Ty Burr

Citizen Ruth

(Showtime on Comcast) Laura Dern is brilliant as a pregnant, unrepentant, glue-sniffing loose cannon who never goes soft or placating as she’s drawn into a crossfire between abortion and anti-abortion camps, each trying to use her as a pawn. The social satire could be wilder, but Dern more than carries the film. (R runs through Nov. 12)


(Encore on Comcast) This film of a Gothic comic begins interestingly as Wesley Snipes’s fearless vampire hunter comes closer than any previous American action star has to Hong Kong’s acrobatic supermen. But it degenerates into empty special effects that sink it to big-screen video game status. (R; runs through Dec. 11)