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    (Encore on Comcast) Entertaining retro-futuristic French comic horror outing about an ex-circus clown who moves into a nest of cannibals above a delicatessen where each new supply of cold cuts means one customer less. Shrewd enough to keep its comic tone intact by never showing the violence onscreen, it’s Hannibal the Cannibal in French — with cult fave written all over it. (R; runs through Oct. 27)


    (Comcast Free Movies) Except for the unnecessary voice-over narration, writer-director Oliver Stone’s explosive account of the unimaginable horror during the Vietnam War captures the dog soldier’s misery more than any other film before it. (R; runs through Oct. 28)

    A Single Shot

    (Comcast Movie Collections: Just In) A new entry in the shaky subgenre of rustic noir, David M. Rosenthal’s adaptation of Matthew F. Jones’s novel relies on atmosphere and squalid details to disguise the film’s predictability. Derivative of previous films such as “A Simple Plan” and “No Country for Old Men,” its lack of dramatic tension and credible characters leaves it shooting blanks. (R; runs through Oct. 29)