Critic’s corner: What’s on TV Tuesday

Michele K. Short/HBO via AP

True Detective 11 p.m., HBO

If you’ve been ignoring this engrossing crime drama, tonight is your chance to play catch-up. HBO airs the premiere episode of one of the most cinematic and beautifully filmed shows on TV. The action unspools about as slowly as Matthew McConaughey’s Texas drawl, which is a welcome change of pace from the superficial and hurried sheen of the network cop shows. Woody Harrelson (right) and McConaughey (left) star as a pair of detectives investigating a disturbing, ritualistic murder in a small Louisiana town. Harrelson is good, McConaughey is extraordinary. Even if the first episode rambles a bit too much for your liking, be patient. By episode three I was a believer.

Lady for a Day 8 p.m., TCM


Normally at this point in the column I would direct your attention to one of the many crime or supernatural dramas that seem to multiply faster than that family of mice living in my basement. Instead I implore you to watch Frank Capra’s 1933 classic “Lady for a Day.” This heart-plucker is the story of a Times Square apple peddler whose long-absent daughter is planning a visit. The daughter — not knowing that her mother is a fruit pusher — is anticipating a society dame. Makeovers and tears ensue. (Pictured: May Robson)

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The Goldbergs 9 p.m., ABC

Grody to the max.

Moonshiners: Secrets of the Shine 10 p.m., Discovery

Please tell me they share recipes and grooming tips in this episode.


Dads 8 p.m., Fox

Is this still on the air?