On Demand movie highlights

Be With Me ½

(Free on Comcast) A curious mix of minimalist romantic longing and true-life biography, from Singapore no less. Director Eric Khoo presents three intertwined tales of unhappy hearts, then shifts gears halfway through for the subtitled memoirs of Theresa Chan, a remarkable blind and deaf woman who plays herself as an angel of comfort. The film feels like several beautiful things that have been placed in beguiling random order. (Unrated; runs through April 1)

Ty Burr

Still Crazy

(Starz on Comcast) In its unexpectedly sweet way, this film about a ’70s band, trying to get it together 20 years after a memorable flameout, winningly draws upon the generous energies to be found in rock. That and its British love of eccentricity and failure keeps us caring about the surviving band members trying to play their way past various midlife crises and jump-start their lives and careers. Its ambitions are modest, but it’s a charmer. (R; runs through April 20)

The Jerk

(Encore on Comcast) Steve Martin’s impressive debut as a modern Jerry Lewis in a slapstick comedy fitfully but maniacally directed by Carl Reiner (“Oh, God”). The premise is that Martin is the adopted son of black tenant farmers. It’s risky but he pulls it off. (R; runs through April 21)