On Demand movie highlights

Dead Poets Society ½

(Free on Comcast) Soft-pedaling his usual comic style, Robin Williams is soul-stirring as an impassioned English teacher who frees up repressed prep school students in 1959. (PG; runs through June 24)

Dick Tracy

(Showtime on Comcast) It plays like a pop culture dream of the ’30s, filled with craft and style and enticingly primal colors as it conjures up a nocturnal gangster Chicago that owes a lot to Warner Bros. movies. Warren Beatty undercuts Tracy’s tommy-gun toughness, Madonna is a slinky siren, and Al Pacino turns in an Oscar-nominated performance as outrageously sadistic heavy Big Boy Caprice. (PG; runs through June 24)

The Color of Money

(Showtime on Comcast) Director Martin Scorsese, screenwriter Richard Price, cinematographer Michael Ballhaus, and stars Paul Newman and Tom Cruise create a first-rate sequel to “The Hustler.” (R; runs through June 24)