On Demand movie highlights

Being Julia

(Encore on Comcast) Annette Bening in high comeback mode. She’s an imperious stage star in late-’30s London, dallying with young men, fending off rivals, acting, acting, acting. Bening hauls the film uphill until it finally becomes good, vengeful fun, and you’re never sure if this is a woman who’d do anything for an audience or an actress who’d do anything for an Oscar. Nice support from Jeremy Irons, fussy direction from Istvan Szabo (”Mephisto”). (R; runs through Aug. 28)

Ty Burr

Here Comes the Boom

(Encore on Comcast) Kevin James’s latest collaboration with director Frank Coraci (“Zookeeper”) is a formulaic comedy about a Boston teacher who takes up mixed martial arts to combat budget cuts at his school. The result is a lean (get a look at its newly slimmed star), mean (get a look at that star being pummeled), ultimate-fighting machine that delivers repeated blows — to the abdomen, to the head, and to the groin, but not often enough to the funny bone. Real-life UFC icon Bas Rutten steals the show. (PG; runs through Sept. 19)

Drowning Mona

(Free on Comcast) A crude, vigorous, and funny comedy of lowlifes who all become suspects when Bette Midler’s bad-news harridan drives off a cliff in her Yugo. The inventiveness and flavor fall away at the end, but until then Casey Affleck, Danny DeVito, Neve Campbell, and Jamie Lee Curtis deliver the gamy goods, and the wacko gleam in undertaker Will Ferrell’s eye is priceless. (PG-13; runs through Sept. 25)