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Midcareer switch to Web design needn’t require a new degree

An alternative to getting another undergraduate degree is to take a certificate program.

Don’t get burned by solar roof shingles

They are less efficient than solar panels in producing energy, and they don’t make particularly good roofing protection.

Facebook could owe $5 billion in back taxes

Facebook is digging in over its fight with the Internal Revenue Service.

5 things you should know about John Fawcett

Fawcett cofounded Quantopian, a Boston hedge fund that just got a big investment from billionaire Steven Cohen.

A quick primer on pet insurance

As helpful and emotionally comforting as pet coverage might be, is it really worth the price?

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A remotely controlled boat from Sea Machines on a test run in Boston Harbor.

Who’s driving that boat? No one

For the makers of drone boats, it’s all unchartered waters.

The most controversial sliver of the State House lawn.

shirley leung

Was Charlie Baker just trying to be a good neighbor?

Why did Governor Charlie Baker think it might be OK to allow the developers next door to take over a chunk of the State House lawn?

// Proposal to tax nonprofits alarms Mass. charities

A Massachusetts legislator has proposed forcing some nonprofits to pay property taxes.



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