Bedford’s iRobot unveils $700 vacuum-cleaning Roomba

Bedford’s iRobot Corp. said Tuesday that it is beefing up its line-up of vacuum-cleaning robots with a $699.99 model called the iRobot Roomba 790.

The new model includes a redesigned faceplate, room-to-room navigation features, and a wireless command center that allows the user to control various cleaning tasks and functions from virtually anywhere in the home, iRobot said.

The company makes two kinds of robots. One is a consumer line of products such as the Roomba. The company also makes robots designed for the military services and law enforcement agencies. These robots can perform such tasks as scoping out battlefields for improvised explosive devices.


Likely spending cuts at the Pentagon could result in fewer orders to iRobot for these types of robots.

In April, the company launched a $10 million ad campaign designed to boost demand for iRobot’s consumer products such as the Roomba. At that time, iRobot said it was expecting that its consumer robots will make up 65 percent of this year’s revenue.

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