ATM providers at Logan Airport terminals and garage

The Massachusetts Port Authority just awarded new leases to ATM operators for 31 locations at Logan International Airport terminals and garage, plus a handful of other locations. The new leases go into effect this fall.

LocationDescription of LocationCurrent ProviderNew Provider
Terminal A
A1Arrivals Level, Baggage Claim, Pre-SecurityCardtronics (Sovereign)Chase
A2Departures Level West Entrance, Pre-SecurityBank of AmericaBank of America
A3Departures Level East Entrance, Pre-SecurityBank of AmericaCitizens
A4Departures Level by Gate 6, Post-SecurityBank of AmericaCapital One
A5Departures Level by Gate 7, Post-SecurityCitizensSovereign
A6Departures Level Satellite by Gate 18, Post-Security CardtronicsChase
A7Departures Level Satellite by Gate 17, Post-Security Cardtronics (Sovereign)Chase
Terminal B
B1USAirways Shuttle by Checkpoint, Post-SecurityBank of AmericaBank of America
Terminal B, Pier A - American Airlines
B2Departures Level by gates 37-38, Pre-SecurityBank of AmericaBank of America
B3Departures Level on pier to gates 30-36, Post- SecurityBank of AmericaBank of America
B4Departures Level across from Legal C Bar, Pre-SecurityCitizensChase
B5Departures Level by gates 22-26 Exit, Pre-SecurityCardtronics (Sovereign)Bank of America
B6Arrivals Level Baggage Claim, Pre-SecuritySovereignSovereign
B7Arrivals Level Baggage Claim, Pre-SecurityAACUTD Bank
BA1Departures Level, beyond Food Court, Post-SecuritySovereignSovereign
Terminal B, Pier B - US Airways
B8Departures Level on Pier to gates 4-14, Post-SecurityCitizensBank of America
B9Departures Level by Elevators, Pre-SecurityBank of AmericaBank of America
B10Departures Level Entrance by Gates 1-3, Pre-SecurityBank of AmericaChase
B11Arrivals Level Baggage Claim, Pre-SecurityCardtronics (Sovereign)Chase
Terminal C
C1Departures Level Main Entrance, Pre-SecurityBank of AmericaBank of America
C3Departures Level by Jerry Remy’s, Pre-SecurityBank of AmericaCapital One
C4Departures Level , Pier B (United), Post-SecurityCardtronics (Sovereign)Chase
C5Departures Level, Pier C (JetBlue), Post-SecurityCardtronics (Sovereign)Sovereign
C6Arrivals Level, Baggage Claim by Information Booth, Pre-SecurityCitizensCapital One
Terminal E
E1 Departures Level by Checkpoint, Pre-SecuritySovereignSovereign
E2Arrivals Level across from Customs Exit, Pre-SecurityCardtronics (Sovereign)Chase
E3Arrivals Level, East End by Taxi Stand, Pre-SecurityBank of AmericaBank of America
E4Departures Level by Gates 7/8, Post-SecurityCardtronicsChase
E5Departures Level by Gate 5, Post-SecurityCitizensSovereign
E6Departures Level by Gates1A & 1B, Post-SecurityCardtronicsChase
G1Central Parking Garage - 4th level walkwaySovereignConsolidated