H3 Biomedicine expands its Cambridge HQ

H3 Biomedicine Inc., a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the discovery and development of oncology treatments, said that it has completed an expansion that more than doubles the size of its headquarters and laboratory facilities in Cambridge.

The company, which had 29 employees in 2011, said in a press release that it expects to end 2013 with 75 employees. The company’s headquarters and lab space now occupy about 48,000 square feet of space.

H3 Biomedicine is engaged in cancer genome mining work. These efforts aim to identify and validate recurrent gene mutations that are potential targets for drug therapies --- the crucial first step in the company’s mission to develop a library of novel oncology candidates for clinical testing.


Eisai Co. Ltd., a health care company, pledged up to $200 million in research funding to H3 Biomedicine, H3 Biomedicine noted in its press release.

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