Holiday advice from Samuel Adams: Pair a six-pack with a box of chocolates

Looking to push the envelope on sensory overload, the brew-meisters at Samuel Adams said they have teamed up with confectioner TCHO to debut a special holiday box of chocolates that pairs well with beer.

“This assortment of specialty chocolates will prove to any foodie that beer and chocolate are the perfect combination,” said Boston Beer Co., the makers of Samuel Adams brand.

Boston Beer added: “The malty sweetness and rich flavors of craft beer enhance, and are enriched by, the flavors of rich premium chocolate. The carbonation of the beer also cleanses the palate from the heavy finish of the chocolate; after a sip, the palate is ready for another taste.”


In a statement, Jennifer Glanville, brewery manager at the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery, added: ‘‘We’re looking forward to hearing drinkers’ responses to the Samuel Adams Beer Lover’s Chocolate Box. So many people think of wine as the quintessential chocolate pairing, but we think this pairing will certainly change some minds.’’

The chocolate box is available nationwide for $16.95, Boston Beer said.

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